Mon, 20 Jan 2020

Alright, so, funny story about this one. Way back in November 2018 I was suffering from a particularly bad migrane, drifting in and out of sleep while dreaming/hallucinating. I had this consistent vision of this girl glaring at me with glasses, green hair, and a thick winter coat with fluffy lining. Found an old post I made about her, and decided to draw her again as I thought the concept was rather interesting. I also accompanied this one with a quote of what I imagined her saying.

"When we perceive reality, we convert raw sensory input into just concepts. When we dream, we don't have that input, so the mind is forced to try to form concepts from a blank canvas. This becomes a narrative with no continuity."

As for the art on this one, I got some tips from my good friend Koti (author of Awaken) on shading. I might drift a bit back towards cel shading, at least where it seems applicable.