Hello! You have found your way to my humble little website. Good on you!

My internet name is CorruptedMuse, which has a load of interesting interpretations and a cool origin story and definitely wasn't something I made up on the spot because I thought it was cool. You hopefully found this from a prominent online activity of mine, digital art, or, more likely, are my friend. I utilize a Clip Studio Pro to make most everything. I would describe my artstyle as my custom formulation of manga and American teen action comics. You could also just click on the Gallery tab up there for a sample of my work.

This isn't my main job though. I've graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a Master's in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Computer Engeering. I've also managed to snag a neat position as an Automation Engineer in the Pharmacuitical industry. I would probably share more of that interest of mine if I did more personal projects related to it.

However, one thing I do for fun is programming, having built this website, and a bunch of little scripts to help me do everything from art to music sorting. These are almost entirely written in Python, the best goddamn programming language out there. One of my longest ongoing projects is/are two Discord bots that do all kinds of neat stuff. Perpetually outdated source code is on my Github (see links).

I am most active on the Awaken official discord, which is a webcomic that I do quite enjoy (written by my wife). I also hang out sometimes on the official Door Monster discord, an Austin-based comedy sketch group that's expanding into additional video production.