Juun Souta

Mon, 11 May 2020

This is my character for a Ryuutama ttrpg game. I always wanted to design a character with only one arm, to see how I could integrate it into the game, especially since he has to use a bow. I think I really nailed the character design, although maybe the coat's a bit awkward, if not cool. Anyway, his biography is as follows:

Joon's parents and origin is unknown to him, all he knows is that he was found, missing his right arm by the elbow, as a baby in the mining town of Shouhei. He was raised by his foster father, Kanon Souta, a very spiritual man, teaching Joon to work through his disability and to replace him as the town's hunter. However, after the mines dried up, the town began to be abandoned. Around this time, Kanon was called by a far-off friend and had to leave Juun behind. However, now Kanon is old enough to leave the town and with the population shrinking, and his father's whereabouts unknown, going on a search for him seems like a good idea.